Aside of the usual Unreal foes FireStorm features several new creatures that you will encounter during your journey.

Marines are the primary grunts of the UMS army, these men are feared among the fringe worlds for their brutal but effective warfare. Each grunt is suited with armored combat suits and can carry Automags, Combat assault rifles, and Grenade/Rocketlaunchers. These guys are well organized and usually fight in squads. Their only disadvantage is their complete lack of experience about the planet and its perils, and most will have just as much trouble with the environment as with you.

Marines come in various classes, from desert, arctic, jungle and space camo, to even very powerful commander classes.

If the environment permits, these guys will most preferrably be hiding behind objects and taking turns attacking you.

Silent deadly killers, Very remniscent to certain extinct cat-like animals on earth, these creatures ended up being domesticated by the Skaarj before they ended up on this planet. They are known to be ruthless and can jump a victim from a distance before dissapearing into the environment.

Daz are very fast and silent hunters, they strike, then run off, and repeat the attack from another angle, confusing its victim before the final blow.

Offspring of an ancient civilization, these children have degenerated to savage beasts over generations. They mostly attack with simple tools gathered from their surroundings, but some are known to use their telekinetic powers as well.

Algoli may be weak, but they attack in great numbers. Usually a shaman coordinates an attack from afar, watch out for those!

These armored scoutships are sometimes called in by marines to aid in combat operations. These ships will encircle the area from above and throw down devastating salvos of rockets, chaingun fire and homing missiles.

When you spot one, hide! Its best to anticipate when its going to perform a specific attack as each requires you to act differently. Also be sure to carry lots of rockets and you'll might be able to take one down, just don't stand near!

Scorchers are tiny scorpion like critters, they burrow in the sands of the wastelands, and come out when victims are close. They're very easy to kill, but their venom can kill someone unfortunate enough to get bitten without any antidote around.

Don't forget your antidote kits!

Dragons are creatures domesticated by the Skaarj and used for travelling. Possibly distant relatives of the Skaarj, these winged creatures bring death from above, striking with a fiery breath. They are very rarely seen about, and even rarely does someone survive an encouter with these.

Dragons are definetely the most difficult air opponent you'll encounter, they will not give up on attacking you and would love to get close and breath fire all over you.

More will be revealed soon!