While FireStorm will retain the gameplay that we all love from the original Unreal several features will bring the experience to a new level never seen before in Unreal.

  • 30+ levels featuring unique environments, including deserts, glaciers, underground cities, floating palaces and even exploring beyond the planet.
  • A new storyline directly following up the events of Return To Napali. Escape the planet as prisoner 849 for the last time!
  • New enemies Fight the ruthless Skaarj dominating the planet, and the Marine Commando troops invading this time, as well as several other completely new enemies.
  • New Arsenal Several new and returning weapons at your disposal, Including but not limited to: hand to hand combat, dual weilding automags, tripbombs and a flamethrower.
  • A new soundtrack featuring completely new exclusive high quality tracks composed by Frieza!
  • Characters Meet a new cast of personalities, including various enemy faction leaders and fellow survivors.
  • Gameplay Plays just like the original Unreal we all love, but with some new surprise features added!
  • Effects Courtesy of the 227 patch, offering a wide scale of new graphical effects!