Aside of the usual Unreal inventory FireStorm features several new toys to play with.


Sometimes you'll find yourself out of weapons, and out of options. Someone with good skill could put down a Behemoth with these. Technically not an item, you'll always carry these around.

Combat assault rifle
The Combat assault rifle is the main weapon of the UMS marines, you should be familiar with these already, unfortunately extensive use has worn these off badly, and most models are known to jam during combat, don't get caught by surprise.

Firing modes: Automatic fire and Alt-Fire 3 round explosive burst.

Ammo: 9x 50rnd Assault rifle clips

Grenade Launcher
The Grenade launcher is another weapon used by the UMS marines, despite cumbersome looking this weapon can deal out a significant amount of explosive damage, both against larger opponents as against crowds.

Firing modes: Fires a grenade. Alt-Fire Fires a remote detonatable grenade.

Ammo: 5x 10 grenade boxes

Rocket Launcher
Very powerful explosive weapon, fires high speed rockets that deal out a huge amount of splash damage, guided rockets can even be aimed towards enemies. There's even rumors around the marines about an upgrade being lost somewhere.

Firing modes: Fires a single rocket. Alt-Fire Fires a guided rocket.

Ammo: 10x 5 rocket packs

An incinerating weapon of Skaarj design, originally used in refineries for processing tarydium waste, it runs on unprocessed tarydium fuel which is very common on the planet. Its mostly useful against critters, but especially against humans, don't try it underwater!

Firing modes: one stream of burning tarydium fuel.

Ammo: 200ml capacity of 50ml canisters of liquid tarydium fuel.


Logistics dropboxes are used by the UMS, launched from droppods these can quickly resupply a marine squad in need of supplies, and if you beat them to the drop site you can take advantage of their logistics. Dropboxes contain a wide variety of items.

Marine rechargable Scubagear and Flashlight
UMS supplies their grunts with atleast one of these, more durable versions of the flashlight and scubagear, luckily you obtained these from them. Runs out much faster then their normal counterpart, but recharges after use.

Universal Translator
The universal translator is your standard handy tool that you carry along with you since the original Unreal. This version has some extra features, a message history, a data node mode and more!

Data node
The data node communicates with the translator, once found it can enable the map mode of the translator, allowing tracking of the player and hidden secrets, its extremely rare but finding these makes exploring alot easier. Each data node only works in the level its found.

Antidote kit
The antidote kit is a rare item supplied by the UMS, mostly found around dropboxes or marines these can neutralize any poison in your system. each kit can only be used once.

These items are useful for setting boobytraps, throw at any surface and it will attach itself, emitting a slightly visible line. Anything that crosses that line will set it off, causing alot of damage around it and obliterating the victim.

More will be revealed soon!