Welcome to Turboman's hosted site on UnrealSP.Org, currently presenting FireStorm, an unofficial expansion pack for Epic Games' 1998 classic Unreal, taking place after the events of Unreal: Return to Na Pali. Site best viewed in 1152x864 or greater.

New Music! 25/Jul/2011 Turboman

News update! FireStorm will feature a completely new soundtrack composed by Frieza!

So lets welcome Frieza onboard, we'll be hearing his new high quality exclusive tracks throughout the game. Be sure to check out the new Music section, currently featuring new sample fragments to give an idea of the music in FireStorm.

New Site! 25/Jun/2011 Turboman

Welcome to Turboman's new website hosted by UnrealSP.Org! I will keep track of several of my Unreal related projects here.

Currently the main goal of this site will be presenting my primary project for Unreal: FireStorm, but any other things i'm working on i'll be posting them here too. Be sure to check out some of the items on the site, currently there's screenshots, creature and item info among some other things! And don't forget to visit the Other Projects page as well, hosting some of my other/older works related to Unreal including the Usp 10th anniversary contest winner The Triamid Ruins!

Many thanks to sana and UnrealSP.Org for hosting!