FireStorm will feature a completely new soundtrack composed by Frieza. These are fragments from various tracks as they appear in FireStorm.

  Firestorm Music Preview by Frieza

Hi peeps, Frieza here! Above is a short preview of just some of the tracks that I've composed for Firestorm so far. The goal is to create an entirely new, high quality soundtrack for all the levels in the Firestorm mod, which is no small task I assure you ;) Up for display are four tracks from several areas of the game. I'll give a quick description of each one.

1.) The first preview is of a track I did for a Skaarj tarydium processing plant (think Foundry), the track is very electronic in nature and capitalizes on the toxic atmosphere present in the level.
2.) The second track is for a sunbathed valley with ancient temples, the goal was to create a warm, inviting ambient track, something which I feel I succeeded in quite well :)
3.) The third track is a more upbeat section of a long ambient track for an underground temple which houses ancient dragons.
4.) Dragons are coming to eat you!! *nom* *nom*